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Gästbok Webb       Länkar Böcker
  Blogg Skrivet Hem Galleri Övrigt
  The war is over  
  They say we won  
The birds of war  
No longer clouds the sky  
Their destructive load
Have already scorched the earth
Brave soldier’s ashes
Covers the ground
And cold winds blows
Through ruined land
The sky is filled
With radioactive dust
Coloring gray
  The once blue sky
  We scurry like rats
  Through the garbage heap of man
  Hiding under ground
  From the Acid Rain
  We spend our time
Mourning civilization Lost
Trying to keep our dignity
In this living hell
Trying to find motivation
To take another breath
Trying to find inspiration
For some kind of happiness
The war is over
They say we won
But I sometimes wonder
If the victors weren’t
The ones who’s dead    
      Skapad 090216 Copyright