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Gästbok Webb       Länkar Böcker
  Blogg Skrivet Hem Galleri Övrigt
  Fighting for my country in a foreign land  
  For a cause in which I don’t believe  
  In the deep of the jungle I will take my stand    
I’m the last one in my group and Charlie closes in  
A soldier’s path is covered in blood
His conscience is never really clean
The things I’ve done for my country
Is reoccurring in my scary dreams
They say War is hell and I have to agree
Hell is steamy hell is green and hell is hot
Will I ever leave this hated place?
Or have they left me here to rot
A finger on the trigger, a Vietcong in sight
  Trying to stay focused with all my might
  I know my enemy but I feel no hate
  But I will do my duty and seal his fate
      Skapad 090216 Copyright