Ego   Kontakt
Gästbok Webb       Länkar Böcker
  Blogg Skrivet Hem Galleri Övrigt
  It’s night, It’s dark, I’m all alone  
  The clock on the wall strikes twelve  
  But nothing here is well    
I’m in a decaying mansion  
Inside a great big hall    
The furniture are Broken
The wallpaper is torn
Everything is dusty
Everything is worn
And then I hear an awful sound
That fills me with despair
Suddenly I realize
There are monsters here
Creepy Crawling Creatures
  Ghosts and Ghouls
  Vampires and Werewolves
  And a rotting corpse
  Zombies and a skeletons
  Lurking out of sight
  Tentacles, claws, and fangs
  Moving in the Night
I say so quiet to myself
This just can’t be right
This can’t be real
This horror can’t exist
Should I try to run?
Or get an exorcist
The sound of their screams
Chills me to the bone
And an allconsuming fear
Is turning me to stone
My nostrils are filled
With smells of rotting flesh
How did I ever get myself
Into this awful mess
This can’t be real
It can’t happen to me
  It must be a fantasy
  It must be a dream
  Then in a moment of clarity
I suddenly understand
I must be sleeping
In my bed so safe and sound
And my Imagination
Kicks me when I’m down
I will soon be awake I say
In my warm and cozy bed
The nightmare will finally end
And I’ll be awake instead
It’s just Nightmare,
It’s a just dream
All is well
No need for fear
But then a creature
Lay his claws on me    
And I realize I’m awake….    
      Skapad 090216 Copyright